Making a Donation

Are you an animal lover but just not in a position at the minute to adopt a pet? We understand that there are a lot of people who are in this position and due to certain circumstances in their life or lifestyles, pet adoption would not be feasible. If this reflects your situation then you can still help to make a big difference to the life of an animal awaiting adoption, would you be interested in helping?

The Dublin SPCA relies on generous donations from the public to do their work. 95% of their funding comes from generous donations from animal lovers just like you. They are not a government agency and receive only 5% of our annual budget of nearly €2 million in ex-gratia payments from the government.

Just look at how a small donation from you could help these beautiful animals on their path to recovery and finding a new home:

      1. €2

        Provide me with a meal

        A donation as small as €2 will help to provide an animal with a meal for the day.

      1. €5

        Feed me for a day

        This donation will help to feed an animal for the whole day.

      1. €10

        Care for me

        A donation of €10 would contribute towards the preventative care of the animal including its medical check-ups and vaccinations.

      1. €20

        Help me

        This donation would help to make a massive difference to the life of a pre adopted animal. This donation will help to cover the costs of rescuing, sheltering, protection, care support and training for those animals that have recently been rescued and are waiting to find their new home.

        You can also make donations or sign up to become a monthly supporter of the DSPCA. Please try help this great cause, your donation will help us Save Lives and End Animal Cruelty in Ireland. Click here to see our full list of animals who would love a little help from you on their journey to being re-homed.

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