Using your dashboard

When you start using So Sell It you’ll need a handy place to manage your adverts so we created a Dashboard where you can do just that! Your dashboard is your one stop shop to managing your account information, your live adverts and those adverts you have added to your watchlist.

So you’ve uploaded an old phone for sale, now you need to keep an eye on how many offers you receive so you can sell it as quickly as possible. That’s easily done with your dashboard! Once you login you can clearly see how many active adverts you have, how many days they have been live and how many new offers you have.

With all this information at hand you can decide to accept an offer, reduce price or boost the advert for more visibility. You can see what buyers have made which offers, you can chose to edit the advert, mark it as sold or unpublish it totally from So Sell It.

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On your dashboard you can also keep an eye on offers that you have made using the ‘My Offers’ tab. This feature allows you to see clearly which of your offers have been accepted or rejected so you can take the next step directly from the dashboard. If your offer has been accepted you can just click on the advert to see the seller’s contact information or if your offer has been rejected you can just make another one. It saves you time searching through the site for all the offers you’ve made, this way you can just see them all in one place!

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