Upload a Video

They say a picture speaks a thousand words but we reckon a video speaks a hundred thousand words! If you believe that photos do not do your item justice or you just want to add something extra to your advert then a video is definitely the best option for you.

Don’t worry if you’re not exactly the next Stephen Spielberg, recording a video can be as easy as taking a photo, there are no special directorial skills required. In saying that though the more creative you can be with your video the more views you could get so there’s no harm in trying! Don’t be afraid to include a video of yourself selling your item to prospective buyers, no one knows the items better than you so have some fun and try out your online sales skills!

Within the upload an advert section we provide you with a space to include a video link, this link will display on your advert and sellers can click on it to see how nice your item is.

How do I create a video link?

We would recommend that your video is created through You Tube or Vimeo, each video once created is given its own unique URL link. This is the link you need to copy into the advert process.

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