Top Tips for Swapping

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure so why not swap some of your unwanted goods in exchange for something you will use? Swapping on So Sell It couldn’t be easier but just to be extra helpful here’s a list of a few top tips that we’ve put together;

    1. 1

      Be Realistic with your Request

      If you want to get rid of some old books, don’t be unrealistic by asking to swap them for an iPad, ask for something with a similar value to the item you are trying to exchange. The more realistic you are the more chance you have of getting swap requests.

    1. 2

      Use Good Photos

      People need to be able to view clear images of the item you are trying to swap so make sure you upload good quality images. Try to take a few images at different angles and remember the more you can upload the better.

  1. 3

    Be Fair with your Offering

    If you want to request a swap from a seller be fair and offer exactly what they’re looking for. If they are trying to swap three xbox games and have asked for three others in return don’t just offer them one game.

    1. 4

      Do not try to Swap any forbidden items

      So Sell It will not allow the swapping of any livestock or pets on our website. We have the right to remove any advert that we believe to be inappropriate for So Sell It.

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