Top Tips for Selling

Selling your unwanted goods could not be easier with So Sell It. That said you can always increase the chances of a quick sale by thinking a little outside the box and uploading your item in the correct manner.
Here are a few useful tips to enhance your ad and help you get a quick sale:

    1. 1

      Take Your Time

      If you take your time and follow the simple upload steps then your item will be displayed within the correct category. Items that are rushed to be uploaded are often done incorrectly and will be missed out on.

    1. 2

      Use an Accurate Title

      Don’t be lazy and simply put in “Bag for Sale” or “Large TV for Sale”. Buyer’s like to know FULL titles & lots of information. They also love to know brand names so include them in your advert title.

  1. 3

    Information Overload

    Make sure you sell your item to it’s best ability. This little window is your moment to make your item stand out from the rest, include all relevant details, additional items where necessary, collection details & useful links.

    1. 4

      Use Good Photos

      A picture speaks a thousand words, and a good picture speaks 10 times more. People need good pictures to replace the touch and feel of buying something in person. So the better quality pictures you upload the better.

    1. 5

      Upload a Video

      If you believe that photos don’t do your item justice, then why not post a video of it from all angles. For those brave enough, post a video along with your photos of you telling people why they should buy your item.

    1. 6

      Be Realistic with your Price

      Nothing puts a buyer off more than an overpriced item. Search through other similar items on So Sell It to get an idea of the current value and then make yours the best priced for a quick sale.

    1. 7

      Share your Advert

      You’d be surprised how many of your friends in your network would be interested in your item. Share it with them though your social network, you’ll be surprised at the interest you will get back.

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