Top Tips for Buying

Although the majority of So Sell It users are trustworthy and sincere, it’s always important to remember to take some precautions when buying online. We’ve put together a few tips we recommend you follow when buying anything on So Sell It;

    1. 1

      Make sure to Read the Ad

      It might sound obvious but please make sure to read full details of the ad carefully to ensure you are aware of exactly what you are purchasing. Double check exactly what is included in the cost before making an offer.

    1. 2

      Look at all Images carefully

      Take time to look through all images to ensure the item is the same in each image. If the images are at all blurry or unclear, ask the seller for better images before purchasing.

    1. 3

      Use the comments section

      Before agreeing to purchase an item make sure to use the comments section to ask all the questions you need to about the item. That way you can be sure you are clear on exactly what you are getting for your money.

    1. 4

      Meet in person when possible

      If you are unsure at all then try to meet in person to check the item before handing over the payment. Make sure to meet in a well lit public place and if you are nervous at all bring someone with you for company.

    1. 5

      Agree the price before meeting

      If you are meeting in person, make sure to negotiate and agree the price and method of payment with the seller before meeting. It is important to be careful and only hand over money after you have seen the goods.

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