Can you Sell Pets on So Sell It?

Here at So Sell It we are delighted to partner with the DSPCA to help re-home some of the many animals available for adoption across the country. All of the animals featured on So Sell It are from the DSPCA and their recommended animal shelters. We do not allow any animals to be sold on So Sell It and we only feature animals from our recommended shelters. The focus of our new ‘So Adopt Me’ section is on re-homing the many abandoned or mistreated pets that have ended up in the care of these shelters.

As we do not allow pets to be sold on the site, we have blocked words and phrases associated with animals so if you are trying to upload an advert with one of these words it will not be permitted. If you are not trying to sell an animal but are just using an associated word in your description then please contact us on and we will review your advert.

If you have any questions about our Pet Adoption section or would like to give us some feedback please contact us on or get in touch on our live chat!

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