So Sell It gives its sellers the opportunity to sell, swap items across many categories, they can also receive direct offers on the latest models of phones, tablets and games consoles. To make this selling community a more pleasant place to trade we have implemented some rules so that you remain respectful to the buyers on the site.

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      Communication and Comments

      Under no circumstances can you as the seller use discrimination, bad language, slander or harmful comments when placing an advert or communicating with buyers through So Sell It.

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      Do your research on the item you are selling. Your price will ultimately be the deciding factor to how fast your item sells. So please make sure your price is realistic to current market values.

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    Don’t take offence by offers made by buyers; use the comments box to reply back with how flexible you may be on your sales price. Buyers will always start low so if your communication is clear then you might get a higher offer in minutes.

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      Accepting Asking Price Offers

      The sales price you have asked for can be offered by many buyers. We ask that you respect the buyer who has made the first full offer of the sales price and use the other buyers in case of drop outs.

    1. 5

      Changing Asking Price

      Do not change your asking price once the advert has been uploaded. If we see that a price has been increased on an item you have placed for sale then we have the right to delete this item from our listings.

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      Honour Your Sales

      Honour your sales. If we receive a high level of negative feedback in regards to the follow through of sales on the same account then we will suspend or delete that account.

    1. 7

      Unfair Ad Deletion

      If you believe your advert has been removed unfairly then please contact us on our web support channel and we will explain further as to why it was removed.

Thank you for reading our Seller’s Etiquette guide, we hope you enjoy your sellers experience on So Sell It.

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