Making Offers

If you are browsing through So Sell It and you spot a chest of drawers that would look perfect in your spare room but you can’t afford the asking price – what do you do?? Make an offer for the amount you can afford!

When a seller is uploading their item onto So Sell It they will indicate whether they wish to receive offers or not. Once they have selected this you are free to go ahead and offer what you believe the item is worth & what you can afford to pay.

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 Your offer may not be accepted but as they say “there’s no harm in trying”! Plus if your offer isn’t accepted then you can go ahead and make an improved offer. If there have been other offers on the item it will be clearly stated what the highest offer was so there is no point in offering below this as it won’t be accepted. It’s important to remember that the closer you offer to the asking price the better chance you have of the seller accepting the offer.

Because we like to make things as easy as possible for our users we’ve put together a few tips on making an offer to be extra helpful!

  • Make offers which you believe are fair to the seller
  • Be flexible and the seller may be flexible with you
  • Be courteous when leaving a comment
  • Be aware of the highest offer to date i.e don’t waste your time
  • Don’t “lowball” the seller

If a seller has indicated that they do not wish to receive offers please respect their decision and do not make an offer within the comments section on an item that is listed as NOT accepting offers.

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