Reporting adverts

Here at So Sell It we trust our users to follow our guidelines and not upload any adverts that are against the rules or may cause offence. We also have dedicated staff members who just love to read through all the interesting and unique things for sale on the site, all the while checking for any inappropriate content or items.

However, as wonderful and all as our staff are there may be some rare cases that they fail to spot some offensive or inappropriate content. If this does happen and you spot an advert that you feel is breaking the rules or has offensive content please bring it to our attention by clicking on the ‘Report This Ad’ button located to the right of the image for the advert.

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This button is linked to an email which will send the advert directly to us, all you need to include is the reason why you’re reporting the advert and we’ll take it from there! Remember your report is confidential and is only visible by the So Sell It support team who will deal with the issue as soon as possible.

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