How do I make my advert more visible?

There are two ways to make your advert more visible within the classified advert section and also within its category. These two paid features are referred to on the website as Adboost 1 and Adboost 7.

What an Adboost does to your advert is give it an:

  • Eye catching design
  • Top page priority
  • Hi-visibility preview panel

These features help for your item to become more prominent on our listings which in turn will help the speed in which you receive offers and ultimately sell your item.

Our pricing structure could not be any simpler, if you chose to boost your advert for 1 day (Adboost 1) then the cost is €1.

To boost your advert for 7 days (Adboost 7) then we offer excellent value with a cost to you of €5.

Click here to email us directly to enquire about an Adboost for your advert!

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