Accepting or Rejecting Offers

So you’ve uploaded your advert, it’s going great and you’ve received a few offers on it – what do you do next?

Simply login to your dashboard and you will be brought to the ‘Active Ads’ tab which will show a full list of all the ads you currently have on the site. Any of your items with offers will be clearly marked with a red banner across the image, with the number of offers you’ve received highlighted on this banner. Click on this banner and you will be brought to a screen with a full list of the offers you have been made, when they were made and the user who made them. The next decision is all your own and something we can’t help you with – how much are you willing to accept for your item. Once you’ve decided the hard part simply click ‘Reject’ on the offers you don’t want and ‘Accept’ on the one you do.

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If you don’t want to accept any of the offers you have received – that’s no problem! You can reject all of the offers until you receive one that you are happy to accept.

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