Trade in – Cash Offers

One of the great features of So Sell It is that we will make you a Cash Offer on a range of items. Currently Cash Offers are available on the latest models of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets we will be adding more categories as we grow. Just look out for the Cash Offer logo seen here to the right!

Direct Offers

  • Is it just cash you offer?

    No, we try to give you as many options as possible rather than just offer cash. We offer customers not only cash but vouchers for some of Ireland’s leading retail stores such as Xtra-Vison/HMV and Harvey Norman.

    In addition to this we also give you the option to donate your offer – or a portion of your offer – to the beneficiary of your choice. So if there is a charity close to your heart or a local club or school looking to raise funds, then we can help out by paying them.

  • What affects the offers we make?

    There are many factors and specific indicators about the item you are selling which affects the strength of the Direct Offers made through So Sell It: Free to register an accountOffering structures are also sensitive to when newly upgraded products are launched to the market. For example the launch of the iPhone 6 would negatively affect offers on the subsequent lower models of iPhone.

    The 5 grading questions (below) must be answered yes to receive the best offer for your device:

    1. Does the device power up? The handset must power on to the main screen & remain powered on during grading.
    2. Does the device have a working screen? The handsets LCD screen must be free of heavy marks, scratches and blemishes. The backlight must also work.
    3. Does the device have a battery? The handset must have the correct battery included. The battery must also not be damaged in any way.
    4. Do the buttons / touch screen work? The handset must power on & all keypad & additional buttons must work. All areas of the touch screen must work also.
    5. Is the casing complete and undamaged? The casing must be free from large scratches, cracks and chips and not missing any internal or external parts.

    In addition to the 5 grading questions, the following applies to all consumer devices;

    • The device must not be liquid damaged.
    • The device must be of European specification (GSM).
    • The device must not be network barred, lost or stolen.

  • How often do our offers change?

    Our Direct Offers are real-time offers and can change on a daily basis. Think of it as a sort of Stock Market type system for devices. The Direct Offer we make is a real-time offer and guaranteed to be the best you will receive in the exchange market for the latest models of phones, laptops and game consoles at that given time.

  • How long does my offer last for?

    On completion of the offer process you will be sent an email confirming your details, your customer reference number and remaining steps to complete the process. We will send you out a branded package by mail which you must send back to So Sell It with your item enclosed within 5 working days for inspection and subsequent cheque issue.

  • How do I get the best offer possible?

    The only way to receive the best Direct Offer possible is to keep your devices in good condition and to answer all of the grading questions (referred to above) asked of you truthfully. A top tip for best offers would be to use some bubble wrap or some sort of protective material around items such as phones and tablets. So Sell It is not responsible for any damage caused in transit.

  • What are the benefits to accepting a So Sell It Direct Offer?

    Well firstly you can rest assured that you are accepting the best offer available to you on the exchange of the latest models of phones, laptops and game consoles. The main benefit is that the process is safe, secure and that there is no need for you to leave your home to finalise the transaction with a third party.

  • What advice would you give to someone looking for a direct offer?

    Be truthful when answering the questions about the item’s condition – this will be checked on arrival and if the condition is not as stated then the valuation will be affected. If you believe your item is worth more than the stated offer then place an FREE advert on our site and if you have no luck with a sale after a few days then come back, check and accept an offer from So Sell It.