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We are a direct manufacturing and trading company operating in wood pellets from Hungary with

low moisture, ash and sulfur
100% made from saw dust with high heating value
long burning time, high energy content
Minimum carbon dioxide, ensure fresh environment.
After burned, ash can be used as fertilizer, not harmful to environment.

quality : DINplus quality, Nplus-A1 quality
materials : Pine wood, Oak wood, beech wood
diameter : 6mm-8mm
length : 15mm-30mm
moisture : 8% - 10% max
calorie :4200-5300 mj/kg
ash :0.5% -0.6%max
shape :stick
Mechanical durability: ≥ 98.0%-99%
color :light yellow/brown
inner density :1100-1300kg/m3 min
bulk density : 792kg/m3 min
package :15kg plasctic bags or big bag.

Packaging of wood pellets 6mm:
packed in 15 kg neutral bags or Big Bags
990 kg per pallet
22 pallets ( or 22 Big Bags)

Want to order wood pellets 6mm or have any questions? Please Contact us

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