Water Based Varnish

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Water Based Varnish

If you are looking for a quality water based varnish to varnish a high traffic floor, a table or any other type of wood surface, we can help you out. Our company sells many types of medium and high traffic water based varnishes.

We are happy to show you our famous two packs water based varnish from Bona & Tover. If you are looking for a domestic water based varnish to use within your home, we can highly recommend you Bona Mega or Tover Home Maxi. For heavy duty jobs we can sell you Bona Traffic HD, Tover Uniqua or Tover Idrolak.

If you need water based varnishes, we have one for you. Call us or place your order online and have your water based varnish delivered within 24 hours!

Water Based Varnish

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