Tobacco cutting machine TREZO 160 0.8

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Tobacco cutting machine TREZO 160 0.8
TREZO 160 series devices find extensive application mainly for cutting different types of leaves, e.g. tea, herbs, paper sheets - documents, etc.

We recommend TREZO 160 0.8mm device particularly to cut leaves with humidity up to 20%.

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The presented device is a basic model of series TREZO 160. This cheap device features light but durable aluminum construction, that has two cutting rollers 160mm long with adjustable combs. The cutting rollers are rotated using a manual crank. All wearable components may be replaced and they are offered in our permanent assortment. Additionally, the replacement of wearable parts is not complicated. In this machine you may use parts with spacing both 0.8mm as well as 1.1mm. Due to mounting rollers on sleeves no lubrication is required. TREZO 160 0.8 manual device is factory equipped with rollers and combs for cutting material, e.g. leaves, into 0.8mm strips.

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