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1.75" Lakewood Baptist Temple(LBT) Religious custom challenge coins, die struck with gold finish.

A church with a heart. This is the truth for Lakewood Baptist Temple(LTB)."LBT is a perfect place for those who are looking to find hope", What others have said about Lakewood Baptist Temple. These LBT religious custom challenge coins are top quality gold-plated challenge coins, die struck cross and fish with proper enamel colors, printed with "Lakewood Baptist Temple" under the symbol.Gold plating and polishing to makes this religious challenge coins shiny and bright.

Religious custom challenge coins are custom coins cheap, minted in a gold alloy, this custom coin contains colorful enamel accents on both sides. Each custom challenge coin comes packaged with individual PVC bag for protection, and custom coins no minimum for all orders are available at GS-JJ.

Size: 1.75 "

Thickness: 4 mm

Style: Custom Soft Enamel Coins

Finish: Gold

Packaging: Individual PVC Bag

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