Rc Electric plane Brand new in box

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This super tough remote control plane has a lightweight airframe, and is made from moulded plastic and foam. The remote control is a two-channel radio, giving up/down and left/right movement, and the aircraft flies at a constant speed. The plane is designed for outdoor use in calm weather conditions, and has an overall length of 39.5cm and a wingspan of 50.6cm. The dihedral wing gives the plane a graceful turning motion in the air, and this plane will provide hours of fun. The aircraft comes in an almost ready to fly condition, with just the battery, wings, propellers, tail and undercarriage to be added to the fuselage to get you airborne.
Set-up guide for quick, easy assembly
Operating guide to get you airborne
Aircraft flies at constant speed.
Rechargeable flight battery
Flight time is 10 minutes
Size: 39.5cm long x 50.6

Check out the video of the building ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CnGHdQ9Kfc&feature=youtu.be ) and it's first flight ( http://youtu.be/Gxl0r2enXJQ )

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