Penosil Membrane Fix 629, Airtightness Fix

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Penosil Premium Membrane Fix 629
Single-component acrylic polymer based solvent-free membrane adhesive is designed for bonding various membranes. The advantage of a membrane adhesive is its bonding with porous surfaces like bricks, blocks, wool slabs and wood, where membrane tape fails.

Field of application
Membrane adhesive is designed for bonding vapour barrier membranes, PE, PP, PA film, foil and similar materials to masonry, plaster, gypsum lath walls or wool slabs. This is needed mostly in the connection joints of ceilings and vapour barrier membranes, but it is also used in places where vapour barrier membranes are installed next to another material. This adhesive can be used to install and join existing dust protection covers, but it must be taken into account, that the solidified adhesive is hard to remove.
Application conditions
The application temperature is +5 °C to +40 °C. The surface must be dry, free from dust, grease and loose particles. The membrane adhesive is not suitable for bonding elements which are loaded. Not is it suitable for use in areas which are in contact with water. It is for internal use only.

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