Monkey Banana Studio Monitor [Turbo 5] Black [Single]

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Product Details

Woofer: 5 1/4-inch magnetically shielded polypropylene / ceramic membrane
Tweeter: 1-inch silk dome tweeter
Frequency response: 55Hz – 30kHz
HF – Level: -6dB ~ +6 dB variable at 10kHz
LF – Level: -6dB ~ +6 dB variable at 100Hz
Crossover frequency: 3kHz
LF – Amplifier Power: 50W
HF – Amplifier Power: 30W
Signal HF / LF: 90dB / 95dB
THD + N @ Rated Power HF / LF: 0.02% / 0.05%
Inputs: XLR/TRS – Neutrik® Combo-jack, RCA input, S/PDIF – RCA input for digital signal
Outputs: S / PDIF – RCA jack for digital signal thru
Input Select: Analog or Digital
Channel selection: Left or Right (Digital input mode only)
Input Impedance: 20 kOhm balanced, 10 kOhm unbalanced
Input Sensitivity: +4 dBu (Balanced), -10dBV (unbalanced)
Available colors: Red, Black, Yellow
Gross Weight: 7.5 kg / 16.6lb
Net weight: 5.9 kg / 13lb
Gross Dimensions: L320 x W287 x H389 mm
L12.6x W11.3 x H15.31 in
Net Dimensions: L222 x W192 x H275 mm
L8.74x W7.56 x H10.83 in


(1) LED logo lens: Made from high quality RoHS compliant optical material, it focuses the LED light to clearly project the pride of our brand – yet subtly understating the craftsmanship behind it. This refined approach reflects the quality of the product from the first time you see it.

(2) Enclosure: Made from custom-shaped MDF material, the cabinet is not only stylish in appearance, but also employs serious Engineering to achieve the best acoustic performance. The Bass-reflex acoustic design combines maximum efficiency and optimal bass extension. The MDF material ensures proper damping of vibrations from the drivers that can create audible distortion in the enclosure. All this is done behind a sophisticated industrial design utilizing modern fashion elements. In order to achieve this perfect combination of sound quality and appearance, the Turbo series enclosures were designed as a non-regular hexagon. After careful calculation and experiment, we found that the non-regular hexagonal structure is most effective in minimizing standing waves inside the enclosure. (Standing waves can create audible distortion which can compromise the overall sound quality of the speaker.) We chose high-density RoHS compliant fiber board (MDF) for the enclosure to not only damp out unwanted resonances, but to ensure a solid and inert structure to mount our drivers to.

(3) Screws: All screws are RoHS complaint and zinc plated. They are created using environment-friendly processing, and forged with ultra-high strength steel. Turbo series engineers have paid careful attention to every detail of the design (right down to the screws) in order to deliver products that reflect quality in every way.

(4) Tweeter: Using high quality pure silk from Europe, the patented dome shape perfectly articulates the high frequencies. It is designed to have a low resonance (for a low crossover point) but also high power handling. The rare-earth neodymium magnet is not only extremely efficient, but also is inherently magnetically-shielded. As with all Monkey Banana products, it is made from only the best environment-friendly materials. With high-temperature voice coil, this tweeter is as powerful as it is graceful in its sound reproduction.

(5) Woofer: Using patented technology from the Aviation industry, the PP carbon fiber / ceramic composite cone strikes a perfect balance between strength and weight. This lightweight yet strong cone ensures an extremely fast transient response from bass notes all the way through to the midrange. The cone geometry also ensures extreme power and heat resistance, whether playing loud rock or subtle classical music. The magnetic structure is a shielded design and of course made from all environment-friendly materials.

(6) Same as (2).

(7) Made using latest “green” plastic injection molding techniques, the port has been designed to maximize the acoustic output of the woofer. Using the latest in aerodynamic technology, the port effectively tunes the cabinet to the optimum frequency, while minimizing any air turbulence noise from the powerful movement of the woofer. As the woofer moves, the port also acts to move large volumes of air in and out, and ventilate the internal heat generated by the amplifier. Using complex computer simulation, we can perfectly match the woofer to the enclosure design – and create an optimal sound reproduction experience.

(8) Amplifier: The custom-made amplifier design uses only professional grade multi-layer PC boards (compared with the single sided PC boards used in other speakers). This ensures that the circuitry and components have better reliability and better performance – which in the end means higher fidelity sound. Only audiophile grade components and high-tech SMT manufacturing are using in the making of our products. Our electronic circuitry also must meet the highest European Pb free standard and RoHS compliance. The custom-made components are carefully selected using the most advanced and demanding industrial standards. The Class-AB power amplifier design is mature and very stable. Its energy-efficient performance ensures maximum efficiency while providing extremely accurate music reproduction.

(9) Amplifier panel: Made from tempered steel, the extra thick amplifier panel provides excellent heat dissipation, while damping out any vibrations made by the woofer. The panel also features all flush mounting screws to ensure an adequate air seal to the cabinet. Surface is painted matt black using only environment friendly paint.

(10) Bass-Pipe

(11) Same as (3)

(12) IEC AC input Socket: Global safety lab tested and approved high quality socket. Incorporating an in-line breaker fuse in the assembly assures that no harm is done to the circuit from any unwanted power surges. Within the housing, there is also a conveniently located spare fuse – which can come in handy if you’re having a party…. The AC socket was designed with power purifier design concept, greatly ensured the stability and purity of the power supply.

(13) Toroid transformer: The audiophile grade coil provides clean power to the amplifier. Designed to minimize vibration noise, magnetic flux leakage and electromagnetic interference, it is also solidly built – eliminating any potential noise. This toroid guarantees the amplifier will be free from interference while delivering consistently, long-lasting high power.

(14) Steel mounting washer: This mounts the toroidal transformer firmly to the amplifier panel, while minimizing the transformer resonance.

(15) Amplifier heatsink: Constructed from the finest quality aluminum, the heatsink acts to dissipate the heat generated from the amplifier IC chips. The heatsink not only cools the amplifier itself, but also helps to remove heat generated by the drivers as well. Utilizing thermodynamic design, the heatsink is mounted vertically on the amplifier panel – which is placed right behind the woofer. Orienting the slots vertically and with sufficient space between them, allows optimum heat removal. The woofer’s pistonic movement also helps to dissipate the heat faster, as the heat is then ventilated from the port to the outside of the speaker box.


(1) Rear Chamber: The patented rear chamber design is made from heat resistant ABS material. It is designed with a geometry that can effectively lower the resonance of the device while reducing back radiated standing waves. The result is a driver that can produce lower frequencies than ordinary tweeters and also more accurate sound.

(2) ABS bracket: temperature resistance of the ABS material bracket, providing strong structure to effectively prevent noise generated by tweeter piston movements.

(3) Low- carbon steel, high permeability plate: ultra-low carbon content, 4.0mm thickness, can provide high-performance magnetic conductance

(4) Super magnet: 130-degree high temperature resistant provides sufficient magnetic energy and endless power to tweeter.

(5) Low- carbon steel, high permeability plate: ultra-low carbon content, 3.0mm thickness, low-carbon steel provides high-performance magnetic conductance and the rational design of the magnetic gap in order to provide uniform magnetic field to the speaker as driving force

(6) Tweeter voice coil: Using a 0.05mm thick aluminum-magnesium alloy bobbin with a 2.2mm copper coil winding height, the assembly is extremely lightweight and reactive. We have also included Ferro-fluid in the magnetic gap where the voice coil is seated, which provides excellent heat dissipation and allows the tweeter to perform consistently and reliably – even at high power.

(7) Pure wool damping material: Natural wool material used behind the diaphragm acts to minimize standing waves inside the driver, which reduces distortion. This makes for a very pure and clear sounding driver.

(8) Diaphragm (Dome): Made from pure silk imported from Europe, the diaphragm is formed using a patented hot pressing process. The result is an ultra light-weight diaphragm that provides maximum efficiency and low distortion. What you left are with is a transparent and articulate sounding tweeter driver.

(9) Tweeter faceplate: Made from high-temp ABS plastic, the faceplate uses and gentle radius which provides seamless integration with the diaphragm – allowing for perfect sound dispersion.

(10) Metallic grill: diamond-shaped geometry matches the waveguide radius perfectly, and strengthens the sound dispersion, while provide protection against external forces on the tweeter.


(1) Magnetic shielding can: Using a 2mm thick, cold stamped steel magnetic-shielding cup, stray magnetic flux is completely isolated and contained within the enclosure.

(2) Super Ferrite magnet material: Providing magnetic flux more powerful than conventional magnets, this magnet material supplies maximum driving force for driver motor structure.

(3) Steel back plate: Ultra-low carbon, high permeability steel provides optimum magnet flux transmission and EMF force to the voice coil. The center pole piece is a vented design to allow optimum air flow as the speaker moves, thereby reducing distortion. The vent also provides sufficient cooling to the voice coil as air is pushed in and out by the speakers movement. This reduces heat and ensures long hours of flawless performance.

(4) Super Ferrite bucking magnet: Ensures no magnetic flux leakage from the speaker cabinet.

(5) Steel top plate (washer): Ultra-low carbon, high permeability steel is used as it has the best magnetic conductance. This creates the optimal magnetic circuit, and provides a uniform magnetic field for the voice coil – which reduces unwanted distortion.

(6) Voice Coil: Mounted to a 0.07mm thick, high temperature resistant aluminum former, the 14mm winding height of pure copper wire remains cool due to the cooling vents in the former. Even under high excursion (maximum movement), distortion is reduced and thereby delivering high-fidelity midrange and treble reproduction.

(7) Stamped steel frame (basket): Made from sturdy 0.8mm thick steel, the four symmetrical legs support the weighty magnet structure and also act to reduce resonances generated from the process of driver’s pistonic movement.

(8) Spider/Damper: The sine-wave shaped geometry of the spider allows for maximum excursion while providing restoring force for the voice coil. The strong yet pliant Conex material make this spider very robust and ensures a linear movement as the coil travels through the magnetic gap.

(9) Cone: Integrating three high-tech materials together – polypropylene, carbon fiber and ceramic, this cone creates the perfect combination in one cone. These three used together create the perfect balance between strength, rigidity and damping – while also remaining lightweight. All elements that are crucial to a great sounding speaker.

(10) Butyl Rubber surround: High resilience SBR rubber material provides maximum excursion and restoring force, while also damping any unwanted resonances from the cone – allowing for a smooth frequency response.

(11) Dust cap: Using the same polypropylene, carbon fiber and ceramic composite materials as the cone, the dome is consistent with the cone material – allowing them to transmit the voice coil vibrations optimally together. The dome also acts to protect the voice coil behind it.

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