Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Getting The Most Out Of Your Microfiber Cloths

Habit may make you instinctively soak the microfiber cloths with water and add lots of soap,
then use them on the various surfaces. However, that actually does the opposite of what you intended, serving only to reduce the efficacy of the microfiber cleaning cloths. You want them to be only slightly wet before you proceed to work on the different areas of your establishment. No detergents or cleaning solutions are needed when using the microfiber cloths. Work with as little water as possible.

For every dirty areas, start by scrubbing off the excessive dirt and grime. This is the heavy
soiling that can be removed by brushes, standard cloths and sponges. Rinse the surface, and then wipe off the water. When there’s hardly any water on the area, pick one of your microfiber cleaning cloths and pass it over. It will polish the surface, leaving sparkling results. In case the surface is not too dirty to begin with, you can go ahead and apply a little water to the microfiber cloths, and begin to work on it. From kitchen countertops, dinner tables, cabinets and sinks, walls all through to the floor, the microfiber cloths can be used on virtually any surface in residential and commercial establishments. With their affordable prices, you will be able to be achieving quality results without bloating the maintenance budget of your establishment.

The microfiber cloths are also effective for dusting. In this case, use them when they are
completely dry. They will get rid of those particles with ease. With the different sizes of the microfiber cleaning cloths that are available, you will be able to go with the one that’s most convenient for the size of the area that you are working on. In addition, the various colours allow you to designate specific cloths for unique areas, like blue for offices, living rooms and
corridors, and red for washrooms and toilets. This will bring order and prevent mix-ups when using your cleaning supplies. Moreover, it allows you to prevent the spread of infection, as specific microfiber cleaning cloths will be limited to working in particular zones.

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