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Protect your parcel deliveries from weather, theft or damage with EURO-FENCES Mailbox with Parcel Box. No longer will you have to wait at home for a delivery or rush home from work to get your parcel thanks to a theft-proof, Easy-Drop Package box. It’s available in different heights and all RAL colors. Your mailbox can stand-alone or integrated into your EURO-FENCES fence.

Technical Characteristics

Available in 3 standard sizes (width x depth x height):

620 x 440 x 1,000 mm

620 x 440 x 1,200 mm

620 x 440 x 1,400 mm

High-quality aluminum

Theft proof parcel storage

Content of the packages is unbreakable due to the low fall height

Standard base of 53 x 35 cm



Noble design

Easy to use

Designed for your home


Does not need electricity

Integrated intercom system

Additional Information

Buying online is becoming more popular every year, yet the biggest concern is where to have these purchases delivered, safely.

Some concerns might be:

Do I have to be home?

Should I have it delivered to my work or to my neighbors?

Will it be stolen from my front door?

The solution is simple with an Easy-Drop Package box from EURO-FENCES.

Receive packages at any time, even when no one is home. Our parcel box is theft-proof, weatherproof and can be used by all parcel services.

The Easy-Drop Package box works with a double bottom. When the lid is opened, an intermediate floor closes, on which the package is placed. After the lid is closed, the double bottom opens and the package slides down. If the box is opened again, the package is no longer visible. Through a lockable door, the package can be removed from the receiver.

The standard base is 53 x 35 cm with your choice of 3 selectable heights starting from one meter so that most packages can fit. Our Mailbox with Parcel Box is also waterproof so no water can enter and damage your packages.

You also have the option of integrating the parcel box with a fence, a letter slot, and an intercom.

Call or email for a free, no-obligation quote to learn more.

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