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As we know, the PUL fabric has been increasingly popular in the past years, especially for making diapers. But do you know what is the PUL?

PUL is a term, which is often used by people when talk about diapers. If you don’t know exactly what PUL is, then please read on.

The technical definition: Polyurethane Laminated Fabric (PUL Fabric) is a special utility fabric (usually polyester, sometimes cotton or poly blend) that has been laminated on one side to a layer of polyurethane film.

The simple definition: PUL Fabric is a fabric with a special film applied to one side. We call this special film the polyurethane film. The procedure that using to apply the film to one side of the fabric is called lamination, that is why we call it PUL.

PUL is lightweight and breathable, durable to withstand (machine) washing in hot water. When used for diapers, it is 100% waterproof .
What’s more, the PUL is very flexible, which makes it very easy to sew.
In terms of washing, the PUL fabric can withstand 100+ laundry cycles. (Note: High quality PUL can withstand more than 100 laundry washes; typically around 150 to 200+).

Original Use:
At first, because of the hospital needs, the PUL fabrics were originally developed as reusable waterproof fabric . There is a need for hospitals to use a waterproof barrier for mattresses and other uses.

If you are one of the people who prefer to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, then the reusable products will be a good choice for you, what why there is an increasing number of people been interested in PUL, it is really eco-friendly.

PUL fabric is widely used in the diaper market to replace disposable diapers, which can reduce the waste a lot.

Suzhou Facto Textile has been specialized in custom digital printed fabric for many years, the main products include custom cotton lycra fabric, double brushed poly, custom minky fabric, cotton lycra fabric, swim fabric etc., all the design can be customized, 100% inspected before shipment, export-oriented, we believe the custom PUL fabric will be a hit soon.

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