GS-JJ T-Rex Dinosaur Custom Lapel Pins

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1.5" hard enamel lapel pin, die struck with gold finish.
In any case, we will not forget the king of dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus Rex. Fossils are distributed in North America, the United States and Canada, and Mexico. They are more widely distributed than other tyrannosaurids. They are one of the most extinct dinosaurs, although some theropod dinosaurs are better than the Rex Tyrannosaurus. It is considered to be the largest known Tyrannosaurus rex and is one of the largest land carnivores, about 42 feet long, about 13 feet high to the buttocks and weighs 6.8 metric tons. Rex Tyrannosaurus is the top predator.
GS-JJ Tyrannosaurus Rex lapel pins are designed by GS-JJ talented designer, these dinosaurs combines small flowers to make cruel T-Rex to be more kind. It will be a perfect decoration for your clothes, hats, or bags.
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