Evans Sure Strip Floor Stripper

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Evans Sure Strip Floor Stripper

There are two types of floors strippers, highly active floor strippers and soft floor strippers. Floors that have over 5 coats of floor polish might have to be stripped with a very active floor stripper while floors that have only 1 or 2 coats of water based floor polish can be stripped off with softer floor stripper. Evans Sure Strip Floor Stripper is one of the cheapest and most efficient floor stripper from Evans brand.

Evans Sure Strip Floor Stripper has to be diluted with water. The dilution rate can vary from floor to floor but it is recommended to start with a dilution of 1 to 10 and if it doesn`t work well, reduce the dilution to 1 to 5. Never allow the floor stripper to dry on the floor and never mix up different brands of floor strippers to avoid bad reactions.

Evans Sure Strip Floor Stripper is suitable for removing all types of water based floor polishes. The stripper can remove with ease up to 3 coats of polish at once. The stripper has to stay on the floor for at least 5 minutes to work. Mix the right dilution, mop the floor with the solution without soaking the floor, do not touch skirting or painted surfaces with the stripper, 5 to 10 min later scrub the floor with a semi hard brush or a floor pad, remove the waste and wash the floor few times with a neutral floor cleaner (to remove any flor stripper left on the floor).

Throw away the mop used for stripping and clean all your tools well. Wear gloves and work in well ventilated areas.

If you are looking for cheap and highly efficient floor stripper, you cannot go wrong with Evans Sure Strip Floor Stripper. This product works well and it is suitable for the domestic market as well.

Evans Sure Strip Floor Stripper - Quality for fair prices!

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