Evans Clean & Shine Floor Maintainer

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Clean & Shine Floor Maintainer

Most polished floors require maintenance. You cannot use any type of floor cleaner to maintain a highly polished surface. Evans Clean & Shine Floor Maintainer is the ideal floor maintenance product for few great reasons:

-it is one of the most affordable floor maintainer out there
-it has a dilution rate of at least 1 to 100
-it cleans, restore and protects all types of polished floors
-it is suitable for cleaning commercial & domestic floors
-it can be used with all known floor cleaning systems

Evans Clean & Shine Floor Maintainer is highly recommended for daily cleaning and maintenance of marmoleum floors, amtico floors, lino floors, marble floors, travertine floors, wood floors, etc.

Dilute 1 to 100 and wash your floor as usual. After each wash you will notice that the floor looks cleaner and shinier. Evans Clean & Shine Floor Maintainer responds very well to burnishing. Evans Clean & Shine Floor Maintainer is a neutral floor cleaner so there is no way of damaging your floors.

Evans Clean & Shine Floor Maintainer has a pleasant fragrance and it suitable for using it in hospitals, schools, child minding businesses, shops, offices, etc. Efficient, durable, cost effective and gloss restored. All you can ask from a professional floor maintainer!

Evans Clean & Shine Maintainer - Quality results for fair prices!

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