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Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Most people haven`t got a clue how often they should wash their carpets. Most people will only wash their carpets if there is a clear stain on it or the whole carpet looks stained and dirty. But most people don`t know that a carpet can be a great home for a wide range of infections. Even if your carpet looks spotless, we recommend you that you wash your carpets at least once per year in a household with no kids, or few times per year in houses with kids and pets.

Dirt from your shoes, dust, moist from spillages, dog urine, etc, all this will be stored right at the bottom of your carpet. The fiber of your carpet will only release a small amount of dust when hooverd, but most of the bad stuff is well attached to the carpet fiber.

If you have decided to wash your carpets, you should have a look at Dublin Carpet Cleaning. Our professional carpet cleaning company is fully insured and highly recommended. We deal with hundreds of commercial and domestic carpet cleaning customers on a monthly basis.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin - Prices
What is a fair price for carpet cleaning? Ask a man that had he`s carpet washed by gang of unqualified carpet cleaning contractors and you will find out how important is to pay the fair price. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is charging very reasonable fares. We charge 30€ for double bedrooms, 45€ for stairs and landing & 45€ for living room. Commercial carpet cleaning jobs are priced per square meter and the final price will be decided by the size, the condition and the location of your job.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin - Our technology
To achieve great results in no time, very powerful carpet cleaning machines have to be used. High pressure steam and a carpet cleaning shampoo will be used tp break the dirt. Then, a very powerful extraction system will be used to extract all the moist. Your carpet should dry in less than 1 hour.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin- Our shampoos
Dublin Carpet Cleaning is a very green carpet cleaning company. We will only use eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoos and spot removers. Our company uses carpet cleaning products from Craftex brand only.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin - Stain removing
We can guarantee you that over 80% of the stains will be removed in full. Old coffee stain and tea stain can be narly impossible to remove in full sometine. We will tell you before starting the job, if we can remove the stain in full or not.

Our carpet cleaning company will provide you with a free no obligation estimate. We will quote you in the base of the information provided by you.

014440146 or 1800 848 700 (free)

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