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Bona Soap Cleaner

Bona is making some of the most efficient and long lasting wood floor cleaners. Some wood floor cleaners are suitable for oiled floors while others are suitable for varnished or polished wood floors but Bona Soap Cleaner can be used to clean and maintain all types of wood floors. This product is highly concentrated, highly efficient and very easy to use. Just mop your floors as usual with as little moist as possible with a solution made with 90% water and 10% Bona Soap Cleaner. Superb results guaranteed all the time.

Bona Soap Cleaner is the ideal wood floor cleaner for big floor surfaces. This product works instant and it provides results without too much effort. Due to its high dilution rate, Bona Soap Cleaner is very cost effective wood floor cleaner.

If you are looking for a professional wood floor cleaner with huge cover area and neutral PH, try Bona Soap Cleaner right now. You will be amazed with the results.

Bona Soap Cleaner - Professional results for fair prices!

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