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Ardvark Electrical Ltd

Aardvark Electrical Ltd

U19 Parkwest Enterprise Ctr Nangor Rd. 12 Co. Dublin
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Electrical Installations Maintenance & Testing
Aardvark Electrical ltd Install, maintain and test all types of electrical equipment.

Industrial Sector

Machinery installations, lighting, new factory/warehouse installations, alterations power cable management, repairs and maintenance

Commercial Sector

Lighting, Security Lighting, new office building installations.

Electrical Equipment

Alterations, repairs and maintenance

Relocating? Moving departments? Relocating Personnel?

We specialise in all the above.

We plan your new space for all electrical & data cabling needs utilising all of our experience to ensure your new space will fit all your requirements.

A certificate of compliance is issued for each project on completion.
IT Installations & Data Cabling
Aardvark Electrical Lts is a highly regarded and well recognised contractor for IT Installations and data cabeling projects for both the industrial and commercial sectors.

For many office and IT Managers we are the preferred choice for data cabeling and IT installations.
Machinery Fault Finding & Repairs
Our engineers are trained to trace and repair faults on all types of machinery.

Our experienced technical staff will quickly find the fault or failure of your equipment. We will provide a full estimate for the repair before any work is carried out.

Every Aardvark certified repair comes backed with a comprehensive warranty on workmanship and parts.
Energy Saving Solutions
Have your energy bills gone through the roof?

We can review your energy usage and recommend changes to reduce your energy bills. This energy saving assessment can be as easy as a walk through the building to identify apparent areas of wastage.

We can source the best energy saving products.
Periodic Inspection Reports
Do you need a periodic inspection report?

We can report on your electrical installations, including an overall assessment of the safety, observations on condition, and offer a number of recommendations if needed.

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 there is a Legal Duty of Care imposed on all employers to ensure all electrical installations.

We provide a detailed inspection report on completion.
Emergency Lighting Testing
We can test emergency lighting systems to ensure the integrity is maintained.

There is a requirement of quarterly 30 minute functional and one full duration test of three hours annually

We have completed the BESS (Building Emergency Safety Systems) and are FETAC level 6 certified.
Portable Appliance Testing
The purpose of Portable Appliance Testing is to ensure that all portable electrical equipment is maintained in a safe condition so as to avoid any hazard to person's or installations.

We carry full employers & public liability insurance.

• Every portable appliance must be tested once a year.
• The results must be held for five years
• The results must also be made available for inspection by inspectors of the H.S.A
PLC Automation
We design install and maintain a range of PLC controllers for all industrial purposes.

From concept to prints, from prints to program, and from program to power-up, a well-designed and correctly installed system can be more productive and cost effective, making you more profitable.

We take pride in providing the most effective and efficient systems possible.
Fire Alarms & Ventalation Systems
Aardvark Electrical supply and fit customised fire alarms. We use the latest technology and are on hand for maintenance work so these are ideal for commercial/industrial businesses.

Our service is effective and cost effective.

We also supply, install and maintain venting and smoke venting systems, both dues purpose and day to day venting systems.

Aardvark supply, install & maintain the following;
Smoke vent Systems
Ventalation Systems
Locking Systems
Actuators and Drivers
Access Control
Aardvark Electrical has set a high standard in the industry for providing access control products and panels and associated electrical work.

These products are used to control access for large and small groups of people, to contril different access levels to doors, record events, record time and attendance records for cardholders.

They are also programmed to automatically open in the event of a fire.