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Amtico Stripper

Even if amtico floors are made to take a lot of heavy duty traffic, sooner or later, it will require re-polishing. The existing coat of polish has to be strippeds and two new coats of Amtico Dressing have to be done. The best way of removing that sealant from the amtico floor is with the Amtico Stripper.

Our Amtico Stripper is a highly active product, that can remove up to 3 coats of floor polish instant. This product has to be diluted 1 to 10 to be at its best . 1 L of Amtico Stripper can strip off around 50 square meter of floors.

Amtico Stripper can be used for stripping all types of water based floor polishes from a wide range of floors. It works fast and usual one stripping operation is enough to provide great results.

Order your Amtico Stripper right now and have your floors done the next day.

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