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Amtico Dressing 1L

Amtico floors are some of the most durable & beautiful types of floors available in Ireland. Amtico floors are made to last but it has to be maintained right and polished regular. You can use different brands of universal polishes but the only polish recommended by Amtico is Amtico Dressing. This very high traffic floor polish looks great, is very durable and it is very easy to apply. Most people that own amtico floors are polishing their floors without any special training.

We sell Amtico Dressing in 1L bottle. 1L of amtico dressing will cover around 20 square meter of floor x 2 coats. You can seal one standard living room with only one bottle. It is very important that you apply two very thin coats of polish.

Amtico Dressing can only be applied on clean and polish free amtico floors. Overcoating over old finishes is never a good idea because dirt will get stuck between the coats and the floor won`t look the best.

Place your order online right now and have your floor Amtico Dressing delivered within 24 hours (Co Dublin)

1850 840 111 (local)

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