Accurate Long Range Detector for Metals & Gemstones-MEGA GOLD 2019-

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The Mega Gold device is a Sensory system Gold Detector containing four detecting programs for rough gold, gold treasures, silver, and diamonds, it is a German device that has won the admiration and appreciation of many users as it has proved its effectiveness with all merit.

The Mega Gold 2019 Device Features:
-The Mega Detection German factories have developed the new Mega Gold device, adding new features to be the most suitable for prospectors and treasure hunters to detect gold, gold treasures, old coins, statues, etc.
Thanks to the long-range sensor system, now the user of the device can explore treasures and minerals for underground depths up to 30 meters And a front search range up to 2000 meters on the ground surface

The Mega Gold Device operates by the sensor system through 4 pre-programmed detecting programs to detect gold, buried gold treasures, silver, and diamonds.

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