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Location: Dooradoyle, Ireland
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One of the most classic designs of architectural/draughtsman's parallel motion tables.

€450 ONO

- Great condition, some scuff marks on base but motion and board top in very good quality.

Actual RRP around £1,300. (http://www.blundellharling.com/products.asp?recnumber=358)

- Large footprint designed for maximum stability
- Ideal for posture changing from standing / sitting
- Features a simple, positive and accurate parallel motion unit
- Height and angle can be easily balanced and locked by a single lever
- Double tension spring assists height adjustment
- Two variable torsion springs for angle adjustment
- Straightedge control is by a spring loaded braided cable
- Counterbalance weights maintain constant tension ensuring smoothness of movement
- Ball type bearings are used throughout to ensure trouble-free operation

Board height adjustment range: 37cm
Minimum horizontal height: 75cm (reference table height)
Drawing board dimensions: 1270mm x 920mm.

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