1,6m x 5m Choose Colors Non Woven Fabric Quality Photographic Background on Cardboard Tube

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You can buy them online at: http://photoclub7910.com/backdrops/non-woven-fabric/1-6m-x-5m-choose-colors-non-woven-fabric-quality-photographic-background-on-cardboard-tube

If your budget is limited, the Non Woven backdrops would be one of your top options. This 1,6m x 5m Non Woven backdrop is the best solution to produce for photos and videos or web commercials or advertisements, especially for adequate quantities for large projects / shoots or provide a full background for a variety of poses of a model in a sitting, standing or even lying position.

Key Features:
* Non Woven fabric is cost effective, lightweight and ecological friendly
* Seamless surface helps to soak up all the light without reflective
* Can easily be hung
* Portable and great in the permanent studio
* Allow for 5-8% manufacturing shrinkage
Package Includes:
1 x Backdrop on Cardboard Tube (1,6m x 5m)

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