Roscommon, Roscommon
03 Jul
chainsaw carved owl. base and carveing 55in tall. carveing 37in tall. all one piece. can be burnished [coloured] or varnished to suite. suitable for garden or conservetary.
Price € 110
  Dublin, Dublin
18 Jan
Want to enjoy peace of mind with this ingenious fly repellent gadget? The amount of uses for this product are endless as wherever there is a fly or flying insect issue you can just put it on a flat…
Price € 32.99
  Dublin, Dublin
25 Jun
Kwila Garden Furniture Excellent Quality Outdoor Furniture set complete with Table (2 meters x 1 meter) and 6 Kwila Garden Chairs Kwila is a tropical hardwood which is found throughout Northern…
Price € 1,200
  Dublin, Dublin
25 Jun
These are Kwila Garden Bar Stools made from the Australian Gumnut tree - this timber will last forever outside . The normal price for these is 195 per stool - we have 12 left and will clear them at…
Price € 90
  Dublin, Dublin
25 Jun
These are 2 metres x 1 metre - made of Merbau timber - and is one of the best garden tacbles available on the market. Unfortunately we have none of the chairs left. One f the heaviest and robust…
Price € 340
  Kildare, Kildare
09 Mar
Protect your garden chairs with this cover, waterproof
Condition: New
Price € 10