This MD952 Solar Charger Torch that takes advantage of the solar energy does not need to change the battery,  it can store the energy into bulit-in storage cell.Most of the charateristic should…
Price € 3
The solar LED flashligt is full of very useful features, it's suitable for camping, travelling, outdoor activities, etc. It can be used to charge your mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 and…
Price € 15
Can transfer the sun energy into electrical energy by connecting to your rechargeable batteries or electric current  It is good accessories for building or restructuring your digital devices:…
Price € 52
Eliminate the traditional need of charger, charge your MP3 at anytime anywhere during day time using solar energy even when the MP3 is at work  Make the most of limitless free power of the…
Price € 7.80
Solar Panel It has a diode built into the connection inside to protect the solar panel Brand Name: greenpower 1)     Size: 95 x 95mm 2)     Max. power: 1W 3)     Max.…
Price € 11
16 Jan
Learn about mummies, dolphins, whales and polar bears
Condition: Used
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16 Jan
Great for learning how to draw difficult stuff
Condition: Used
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