5 ways to get the Kids to go to sleep this Christmas Eve.


Getting your children to go to sleep on Christmas Eve can be a tough job. With excitement of the pending arrival of Santa and the presents he will bring, sleep is the last thing children want to do. With so much happening on Christmas Eve it is easy to see how the routine sleep patterns of children are thrown into disarray.

Professor Colin Espie, a world sleep expert from the University of Oxford, has compiled a list of the top 5 tips to get your child off to sleep before Santa drops by:

1. Keep Active Throughout the Day

There are plenty of examples and studies to show that an active child aids to help positive sleeping patterns. So instead of watching Christmas movies all day, get your child out and about (weather permitting). Keep them active and as a parent you will reap the rewards come bedtime.

2. Stick to Bedtime Rituals and Routines

Most children have a few rituals that they perform prior to going to bed. This can be anything from brushing teeth, giving hugs to parents, reading a book etc. Keeping your child in the same routine will signal to their senses that its bedtime as normal and this is turn will help them shutdown as normal.

3. Don’t let Them Become “Over-Tired”

An over tired child is the toughest type of child to put to sleep, their tiredness has soon been replaced with a mad hyper active child. I think we can all agree that an over active child is not something you want on Christmas Eve night. The good thing about a child becoming over tired is that they are usually very close to sleeping prior to this charge of energy. Stay observant and if your child is nodding off then get to bed ASAP.

4. Give them “Bedtime” Notice

Springing bed time on a child can get a reluctant reaction from a child. It’s best to give plenty of notice, so let them know bedtime is 30 mins away, 20 mins, 10 mins etc. That way they are preparing themselves for the imminent arrival for actual bedtime.

5. Lastly (Only if all else fails!!)

If none of the above work and you still have a child clinging onto the banisters at 10pm on Christmas Eve. Then subtlety remind them that Santa is watching and he doesn’t deliver toys to children that are not tucked up in bed asleep. This usually does the trick :)

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Merry Christmas